Welcome to Our Blog!

The UWI Archives welcomes you to our Blog and we hope you will find it interesting and informative. Our main objective is to make our holdings more widely known especially to our faculty and students and to encourage more persons to undertake research into the records themselves.  Although as university archives goes, we are still quite new, having been established only 13 years ago, our holdings are unique in the sense that they reflect the structure of our regional university which serves and is supported by 15 governments, most of which are independent sovereign states.  Apart from having   physical campuses in 3 countries, namely Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago, we have a virtual campus – the Open Campus with 42 sites all around the region. In addition, as the oldest university in the English speaking Caribbean, it has during the 62 years of its existence, greatly influenced the development of the region which has seen the emergence of most of the former colonies into independent nations.

Baptism of Fire

Our resolve to establish this blog was further strengthened by a recent event which for us

John Aarons, the University Archivist

was a baptism of fire – literally – as a fire occurred in our facility in June this year and we thought it desirable to share the experiences  gained in responding to this calamity. Fortunately the smoke and flames triggered the fire suppression system and the university’s irreplaceable collection was saved. Nevertheless, some materials suffered soot and water damage and had to be rehabilitated and we learned some valuable lessons in this process.  We hope you will send us your comments on our experiences and suggestions. -JAA


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