2010 at the Archives: a Year in Review

2010 was an eventful year for us at the University Archives and we would like to review our year with you!

See entries below for previous months


Stanley H. Griffin, the Assistant Archivist, attended and participated in the meeting of the International Council of Archives, Section of University and Research Institution Archives Conference in the historic city of Prague, Czech Republic.  Archivists from around Europe, North and South America and the Caribbean reflected on the question mooted in the theme of the conference: “Archival Traditions and Practice: Are Archivists Historians”.

Adding to the discourse on whether archivists are historians, Griffin joined Sharon Alexander-Gooding and Cherri-Ann Beckles (Campus Records Manager and Assistant Archivist UWI Cave Hill, respectively) on the panel,Sun, Sea and Sand?”: The Role of Archivists in Defining Post-Colonial West Indian History”.  Our panel examined how regional archivists influence the definition of West Indian history and historiography by providing care and access to our historical records. Griffin  presented a paper entitled “More Dan Ole Papers!”: Affirming and Diversifying the Role of Caribbean Archives”, which upheld the need for archives in the West Indies and outlined future research themes, activities and attitudes that West Indian archivists should promote in order to capture and protect West Indian history for future generations. (For more information, please see: http://www.archives-records-artefacts.com/2010/10/ica-suv-conference.html)


Alexander-Gooding, Griffin and Beckles in Prague, Czech Republic
Caribbean archivists in Prague

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