“A Great Day For All”: Celebrations & Academic Dress at UWI

The University Archives and the University Museum has collaborated to mount a multimedia exhibition on academic dress and ceremonial celebrations at The University of the West Indies.  This effort is to celebrate the success of The UWI’s Class of 2012 and to promote the rich heritage of our regional university.

This exhibition captures the ceremonial unity of the UWI . Records, sketches, gowns from, as early as the 1950s, are on display. Although locations vary, the university is consistent in its ceremonial recognition of our culture of excellence.   University Ceremonies are held at all four Campuses,  Mona  Jamaica, Cave Hill Barbados,  St. Augustine Trinidad, and in the territories of the Open Campus. The colourful vibrancy of Caribbean people is reflected in the bright colours of the gowns and hoods of the faculties.

Visitors, especially our new alumni and their families, are welcome to visit the University Museum and University Archives  and experience Matriculation, Graduations, Convocations and Award Ceremonies~UWI-style. The exhibition runs from 21 October -November 2012.

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