Salute to Sir George!

The University Archives joins with the rest of the university community in congratulating Sir George Alleyne, our Chancellor on his 80th birthday which he celebrated on October 7, 2012.

As the repository of the University’s historical records, we have in the Archives, materials relating to Sir George’s association with the University from his days as a student to his installation as Chancellor – the first alumni to achieve this distinction.

Interestingly, the years ending in ‘2’ have been significant in his life. He was born in 1932, joined the staff of the University Hospital in 1962 (October), was appointed Professor of Medicine in 1972 (June) and resigned from the University in 1982 (December) to work at PAHO.  The rest is history…..

Sir George won many awards, starting from his student days. The University Senate noted in its minutes of a meeting on November 7, 1957 that the “Faculty of Medicine had awarded the Allenbury Prize for 1957 to Mr. G.A. Alleyne”.  It was in 1952 (yes, the ‘2’ again) that “Allen and Hanbury decided to give a prize to the top medical student each year. The Prize to be called the Allenbury Prize”.

We wish Sir George many more years of service to the University!

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