Cave Hill, Barbados: ‘Our Remit is to be the Caribbean campus within the UWI

UWI Museum

Cave Hill @ 50 is an exhibition that recognises the maturity of the easternmost of University of the West Indies’ four campuses; one with maintains a strong regional emphasis.

While Cave Hill is located in Barbados, Principal Sir Hilary Beckles notes that more than a quarter of the students are from other parts of the Caribbean region, or from farther afield.  One example: most valedictorians in the past 10 years have been from parts of the region other than Barbados, though they have been chosen by the entire campus population, including the Barbadian majority. Sir Hilary visited the exhibition on May 3, while in Jamaica to launch his new book, Britain’s Black Debt. Listen to him by clicking on the arrow below:

Cave Hill was a force to be reckoned with from the get-go in 1963, when it started out as the College of Arts and Science with 118…

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