From Our Records: “Dog Management” at UWI?

A  circular from the Superintendent of Works, Sanitation and Grounds to the UWI Mona Campus community indicated that effective October 15, 2013, five additional traps would be deployed on Campus to “do live capture of dogs.”  In asking for the cooperation of the Staff, the Superintendent stated the intention of the Section to “handle all captured dogs in keeping with established animal welfare standards.”

Did you know that the records indicate that from 1948 when the University was established, there was a policy on the keeping of dogs on the Campus?

A Dog 'Scholar' on Mona Campus.?!  Image courtesy:

Dog ‘Scholars’ on UWI Mona Campus.?!
Image courtesy:

According to the Minutes of meeting of the Provisional Senate on 18 November 1948, (ref. UC-BC-11) the following was agreed:

i.    All dogs kept on University College grounds must be registered with the Registrar’s Department.

The Register will contain a description of each animal and the name of the owner responsible for it

ii.    Every such dog must wear a collar

iii.    The non-graduate staff will be permitted to keep dogs only by written permission from the Registrar.  Undergraduates will not be allowed to keep dogs

iv.    The owners of dogs will be responsible for keeping their dogs under proper control.  If a dog becomes a nuisance on grounds of noise, vagrancy, or viciousness, the owner may be required to remove it from the University College grounds

v.    Stray dogs are liable to destruction.”

The vast spacious grounds of the UWI, Mona Campus, where canines are tempted to roam...

The vast spacious grounds of the UWI, Mona Campus, where canines are tempted to roam…



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