Did you know?!: The Programme of “the Ceremonies for the Presentation of Graduates”

The hallmark of the UWI’s academic year is the Ceremonies for the “Presentation of Graduates”. All students of the university community, having successfully satisfied the requirements for certificates, diplomas, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees, are presented to the Chancellor of the University, marking the achievement of the students in the formal gathering of the university community.

There is so much to experience at this (approximately 2 hour) celebration. Excellent brass or steel pan music, great choral singing, colourful gowns, pomp and ceremony, inspirational stories, thought-provoking speeches, and hugs, cheers, “Congratulations!” , all in abundant measure.  A constant feature of this seasonal activity is The Programme. This document lists the names of the UWI’s newest alumni, the University’s Officers, and the ceremonial proceedings of the day.

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The Programme has grown from its humbler typeset plain paged collation to the eye-catching and dynamic publication that it is today. Each Campus prints its own version, imaginatively reflecting on its own zing. Yet there are common features:

  • Congratulatory speeches from the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and the Pro Vice Chancellor and Campus Principal
  • A seating plan for the University Officials with the order in which University Officials and honorary graduands and are seated on the platform
  • Highlights of developments in the University the graduates would have experienced over their period of study.

While the Programme celebrates the accomplishments of the campus’ graduates, it simultaneously reinforces the regional nature of the University and its traditions of excellence. These Programmes form part of the institutional memory of the University and are part of the holdings of the University Archives. The “Presentation of Graduates” Programme is therefore an excellent memoir for the graduates, their families and the Caribbean community in general.

Congratulations to the Class of 2013!


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