Like two sides of the same coin, The University Archives and The University Museum showcases the unique narratives of The University of the West Indies.

UWI Museum

So here’s a small story: Several mentors for first-year University of the West Indies (UWI) students all called wanting to bring groups on the same Thursday afternoon – a popular time because classes are suspended to facilitate extra-curricular activities. It ended with one amalgamated group starting in the University Archives, while another started in the museum. Then we swapped! The students found it a different way to spend a couple hours, but what was particularly interesting to me (I’m the Curator!) was my Archives colleague’s way of summing up the activity:

“I tell them what a record is, and then you show them how it’s relevant to the university story!” (Dr Stanley Griffin, Deputy Archivist)

The Archives has also recently included the UWI’s former Radio Education Unit within its walls, which makes it possible for students to meet university records…and university recordings! Definitely more enlivening!

So when the…

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