A ‘Living’ University, A ‘Growing’ Archives

Poet Jane Urquhart describes Archives as “The heart and soul of the country… they are the great and good things about a democratic society…” (SAA). The same could be said about the Archives of The University of the West Indies. Our holdings are the literal heart and soul of our regional university, representing the highest standards attained, strategies implemented, academic success achieved, and personalities memorialized.  From files, maps and minutes to photographs and audiovisual recordings, the current holdings of the Archives are the most diversified records of university history and policy since the inception of the University Archives and Records Management Programme in the 1990s.

As the University continues to ‘live’, grow and serve its constituents, it is expected that the holdings of the University Archives grow and reflect the transactional output of the institution.  For this reason, in 2014, the University Archives accessioned over 200 linear feet of records in various formats. Staff responded to over 150 of enquiries via email and walk-ins and conducted over 10 tours. All this in addition to the various in-house projects required to achieve the vision of a fully automated archives, with online finding aids.

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This work continues in 2015. Thank you for keeping up with us here on our blog and on Facebook . We hope to better serve you as we continue to care for ‘the best’ that is The UWI.

Happy New Year!!


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