From Our Records: Research Day at The UWI

The enduring mission of The UWI is “To advance education and create knowledge through excellence in teaching, research, innovation, public service, intellectual leadership and outreach in order to support the inclusive (social, economic, political, cultural, environmental) development of the Caribbean region and beyond.” (UWI Strategic Plan 2012-2017)

The UWI, Your Place to Shine...

A poster depicting the life of The UWI, Mona Campus.

From the earliest days of the institution, research was a key activity of all six faculties and research interests, projects, and achievements were listed in the Departmental and Faculty Reports. The excellence and relevance of this research output is celebrated in what has become annual “Research Days” at the University.  This tradition of showcasing the often unrecognised work taking place at the University began in 1998, at the Mona Campus.  This open day was then held to as part of the University’s 50th Anniversary Open Week activities.  It is now part of the Mona Campus’ “Homecoming Week Celebrations“, in the month of February.  The Cave Hill Campus, since 2010, also showcases the research of its community in February.

Today we feature, from our records, excerpts from the Opening Ceremony for the First Research Day, November 1998.  Pro Vice Chancellor and Campus Principal (later Sir, and Governor General of Jamaica) Kenneth Hall is followed by Campus Registrar G. E. A. Falloon (now retired).


We trust you will take the opportunity to visit your nearest UWI Campus and see the wide range of exciting research that is being done at The UWI.




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