Belizean Folk discovery at UWI Archives

 On May 28, 2015 Belizean archivists made a ‘folk’ discovery at the UWI Archives.

The National Archivist of Belize Dr. Herman Byrd, and two staff members, Giovanni Pinelo and Mary Alpuche were visiting Jamaica between May 24 and June 2.  During their stay, they visited a number of archives notably the National Archives at Spanish Town.

On Thursday, day four of their tour, they stopped at the UWI Vice Chancellery and visited the UWI Museum and the UWI Archives.

During their visit to the archives, Adrian Green, Archives Technical Assistant, guided our visitors through a brief history of the UWI Archives, of course the interesting bits, and shared with them some of the priceless holdings that capture the story of the UWI  and the region. The grand tour included a visit to UWI Archives vault which houses many collections of notable Caribbean leaders in various disciplines.

DSC_9370 DSC_9377 DSC_9380 DSC_9386

The UWI Archives vault also happens to hold much of the audio recordings transferred from the Radio Education Unit which dubbed its archived collection ‘The Library of the Spoken Word (LSW)’. It was within this treasure trove that the discovery was made.

DSC_9390 DSC_9394

As the archivist and staff members perused the LSW collection, it jump out, a small collection of reel tapes with recordings about, related to, or just from Belize.

Finding Belize Sharing the discovery Sharing the discovery 2 Sharing Belize Folklore

It was a blast for our visitors to see recorded works that connected Belize and the UWI.  An instantaneous request was made for a collection of rare Belizean folk songs that they encountered. We are always happy to say come to the UWI Archives and discover more!

The UWI Archives

 Discovery begins at the UWI Archives


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