Intriguing perspectives and memories from the children of university staff that grew up on the Mona Campus. We are happy to share this blog from the University Museum.

UWI Museum

University campuses are often memorialised through the recollections of those who have worked and studied in and on them over generations. But the University of the West Indies (UWI)s founding Mona campus, on the outskirts of Kingston, Jamaica, has another relevant set of stakeholders who bring their own perspective. These are the people who lived as well as worked on the campus, and their children who grew up with the campus as their neighbourhood.

A group of Mona ‘Campus Kids’ planned a July reunion in Jamaica and the UWI Museum took the opportunity to invite them in and organise a taping session, courtesy of our colleagues at the Digital Media Lab of the University Archives. Prof Mark Figueroa, SALISES Professorial Fellow, himself a Campus Kid, acted as gatherer and moderator.

We wanted to know who they are – which generations and which sections of the campus they identify with; the extent…

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