GUEST POST: One Legacy of MLK’s 1965 Visit

Here’s an interesting perspective on an important event in UWI history. Hat tip, UWI Museum…

UWI Museum

By Michael Hoad, MA

One legacy of the MLK visit: Rev. John Hoad, PhD

When (UWI Museum Curator) Suzanne Francis-Brown put out a call on Facebook for memorabilia of Dr. Martin Luther King’s visit to Jamaica in 1965, I was happy to share our original copy of a beautiful photo of the UWI service, with my father sitting directly behind Dr. King.

Suzanne then asked what legacy we thought came from that trip and its two speeches at UWI and National Stadium. I would suggest there was a specific legacy in the defiance of ministers of religion after the Rodney Riots, three years later in 1968.

12046954_10153166777886453_4981141956811093014_n MLK at UWI Rev Dr Martin Luther King preaches at the Valedictory Service, UWI Assembly Hall, June 20, 1965. To the far left is the Guild of Students. Behind Dr King are the campus Chaplains including Rev John Hoad (2nd right) and Rev Horace Russell (3rd…

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