CELEBRATING OUR OWN: Mona Homecoming 2016

Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie in the official robe of a Pro Vice Chancellor, as Mona Campus Principal, 2006

Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie in the official robe of a Pro Vice Chancellor, as Mona Campus Principal, 2006

The University Archives joins the Mona Campus in celebrating one of our own Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie as part of the Homecoming 2016. Professor Leo-Rhynie is a graduate of the University College of the West Indies (UCWI) with a Bachelor of Science in Botany and Zoology, Diploma in Education and a Doctor of Philosophy (in Educational Psychology) from The UWI.

Professor Leo-Rhynie’s distinguished career in education started as a high school teacher at the Haverstock Comprehensive School in London, England and  later at the Meadow Brook High School in St Andrew, Jamaica. She was appointed Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology at the School of Education between 1977 and 1987.

Professor Leo-Rhynie served as Executive Director of the Institute of Management and Production between 1987 and 1992. And she was also appointed the Regional Coordinator of the Centre for Gender and Development Studies in 1992 and remained in this post until 1996. Professor Leo-Rhynie is recognized as the first female to become both Deputy Principal (1996-2002) and Principal (2006-2007) of The University of the West Indies.

In 2002, Professor Leo-Rhynie became Pro-Vice Chancellor and Chair of the Board of Undergraduate Studies. She was named Professor Emerita by the University of the West Indies following her retirement in 2007. And in 2000 she was a recipient of the  Jamaican National Honour – Order of Distinction and in 2015 Order of Distinction, Commander Class

Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie is a lifelong educator and firm believer in women in leadership roles. She has successfully supervised dozens of Doctoral and Masters Students and produces many academic publications.

We congratulate her on being the 2016 Homecoming Honouree!!

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Homecoming is now an annual event dating back to the 1950s in celebration of the first installation of University Chancellor, Princess Alice of Athlone. The tradition was revived in 2001 to mark the achievements of distinguished Pelicans and promote a sense of camaraderie amongst staff and students. Click on this link for further details on the UWI Homecoming Tradition.

We feature Professor Elsa Leo-Rhyie welcoming the public to the 2002 Homecoming Celebrations


One thought on “CELEBRATING OUR OWN: Mona Homecoming 2016

  1. UWIMuseum says:

    Thanks for this feature of UWI’s first female Principal and pace-setter in institutionalising Gender Studies within the university. Her Feb 5 Homecoming Honoree speech, looking at the changes to the University of the West Indies between 1992 and 2007, was eye-opening and very helpful as we seek to gather information and gradually interpret the UWI’s history and development.

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