IAD 2016 Workshop & Lecture


On June 15, we held a workshop entitled “Managing Digital Records and Information: Strategies for Business Leaders.” The facilitator of the workshop was Dr. Victoria Lemieux who has experience as a Senior Public Sector Specialist (Information Management), an Associate Professor of Archival Studies at The University of British Columbia and also a former University Archivist at The UWI.

The Acting University Archivist Mrs. Sharon Alexander-Gooding stated in her introduction that the aim of international archives day is to bring persons a greater awareness of archives, records and how they should be managed.


The workshop focused on how to effectively include records management and information governance within the work/business flow and structure.


On June 16, we ended our IAD activities with a public lecture entitled “Social and Economic Transformation: Records in the Digital Era.” Dr. Lemieux’s lecture focused on Big Data as a catalyst for managing and transforming a society, how governments and social users could get a sense of social issues and how social change is triggered by these informational activities. She also focused on how social media postings, such as tweets and Facebook posts, are indeed the historical and archival records of the future and as such must demand the attention of Archivists.

Listen to the following for a snippet of Dr. Lemieux’s presentation during the workshop:

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