Young Leaders talk CARICOM at UWI

Young leaders met CARICOM Review Commissioners at the UWI Regional headquarters recently. They came together to give the commissioners a piece of their mind. No, no not that, just sharing their thoughts on CARICOM. This meeting falls within the UWI promoting institutional cooperation as defined by an undated Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between CARICOM and the UWI.

A search in the UWI Archives uncovered this MOU which references the 1998-2001 Strategic Plans of the CARICOM Secretariat and defines an agreement to provide leadership in regard to regional and international issues critical to repositioning CARICOM.

This meeting of youth leaders and CARICOM Review Commission heads also highlights UWI as a space for dialogue of regional significance. It more importantly captures voices of young leaders, some based at UWI,

Youth-Leaders-Forum.pngTijani  Christian; Caribbean Regional Youth Council Adrian Watson; Caribbean Youth Environment Network, Franz George; The Caribbean and Americas Standing Committee of the Commonwealth Youth Council, and Shantae Shand; National Secondary Students’ Council anxious to start her tertiary academic career maybe at UWI. They were each happy to have used their voices to shape the future direction and discuss possibilities of this regional body, CARICOM and Jamaica.

A young Jamaica Gleaner journalist Romario Scott, who covered the forum, recalls PM Andrew Holness setting up the review of CARICOM. This is the context for canvassing of the views. This forum forms part of the process and will include not just youth leadership but hopefully many more Jamaicans.

Two vocal young leaders Shantae Shand and Adrian Watson found the forum enlightening. Shand was pleased to be able to put her “personal touch” on conversation about CARICOM while Watson advocated a greater focus on the cooperation in light of the  comparative advantage due to natural resources for which each territory is blessed.

Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding chairman of the CARICOM Review Commission was heartened as he reported that the young leaders “assumed some of the responsibility” for making CARICOM work. He continues saying that the young leaders identified the Social Media highway as a means of disseminating information about CARICOM and helping Caribbean people learn more about each other.

UWI Archives opens it doors to students and researchers seeking to learn more about our region. Take a peek at the holdings of the UWI Archives and UWI Museum where the story of the region and the relationship between our islands continue to be showcased.


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