UWI Archives in the Spotlight

UWI Archives is again in the spotlight as Assistant Archivist Dr Stanley Griffin addresses the 35th Annual West Indian Literature Conference, WILC  on its second day. His paper the ‘Literary Writer as Archivist’ explores primarily the work of Samuel Selvon and how Selvon’s literary work preserves and makes accessible the west Indian experience in London during the 1950s.img_20161007_182326Interestingly, Selvon himself talks about his experiences when early in his Journalism career he committed himself to writing professionally. Astute Griffin, uses Selvon’s own reminiscing to weave in his useful concept of the writer as ‘archivist’. Griffin’s audience would have been treated to a rare specimen from the Library of Spoken Word Collection which records Samuel Selvon being open and candid and even correcting particular historical fact about his early literary work, some of these errors remain part of the documented history.

This 35th West Indian Literature Conference is themed Archiving Caribbean Literature and Popular Culture. Conference participants in addition to feasting on the literary fare will also be able to delight in the beauty of Montego Bay, Jamaica where the conference is hosted. The conference proceedings runs October 6-8, 2016. Tune in later as we explore the Plenary offered by celebrated former UWI Archivist John Aarons

If you were in attendance please tweet your feedback @uwiarchives using #WriterasArchivist! Don’t forget to look us up on facebook for more updates.


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