Pomp & Farewell

Graduation at UWI is an event filled with pomp and pageantry. As part of the pomp or maybe the pageantry, our first chancellor HRH Princess Alice, the Countess of Athlone would visit each year to meet and greet our graduates during these ceremonies. The Graduation of 1971 however marked the last address of HRH Princess Alice, at a graduation celebration with the UWI community.

Vice Chancellor Sir Roy Marshall gave a moving farewell presentation to her HRH Princess Alice on that momentous occasion. He remarked on her obvious affection for the UCWI and the people of this region. Sir Roy Marshall thanked HRH for lending her name and influence to projects beneficial to the university; one most notable effort was the acquisition of the Chapel at Mona.

Sir Roy Marshall

Official protrait of Professor Sir Roy Marshall, Vice Chancellor Emeritus, 1969-1974


In her address, HRH Princess Alice expressed warmly her pride in the achievement of the graduates and the institution in its more than twenty years of existence by that time in 1971. Princess Alice in her address said she was honoured to have served as the first Chancellor of the university and to be associated with this proud institution during its developing years. HRH Princess Alice was 88 years old.

HRH Chancellor

Official Portrait of HRH The Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, 1st Chancellor, 1950-1971


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