Season’s Greeting

We are feeling the cool breeze and yes the Christmas will catch us in a good mood. In this season of joy and good will, UWI Archives celebrates 2016 as a year of accomplishments.

In the midst of our accomplishments we also had fun. Recently two members of our UWI Archives team had lots of fun learning at a State Protocol and Business Etiquette Workshop held at UWI Regional Headquarters.


Our team members were exposed to modern protocol requirements, the impact of protocol on professional conduct, business dining etiquette as well as the importance of maintaining a professional image and good deportment.


Workshop participants showed off their new knowledge, using protocol techniques in managing ‘an official event’ a fashion show dubbed “Touch of Elegance”. As part of this event they observed state protocol standards, flag etiquette, mastering the art of handshaking, accurate names recall while effectively maintaining eye contact and responding to introductions.

You may also know there are protocols for food… participant were immersed in the navigating the business meal, the duties of the host, hostess and the guest. Oh and to beware of the pesky silverware, seating and napkin etiquette;  participants show off their savvy at their business meal. Protocol included wines selection that goes with meals types… so detailed, and the do’s and don’ts of dining etiquette.

As we approach the end of 2016, UWI Archives wishes all our family and friends happy holidays. We are pleased you shared in our many triumphs during this year and for your invaluable comments, feedback and support, we are grateful. UWI Archives team hope you’ll continue to follow and participate in our activities during 2017 and beyond. Share some of this season’s  cheer with those less fortunate. Wishing you and your families all the rich blessings of this season and see you in 2017.



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