Early factoids


It’s early in the New Year and interestingly, early in the life of the UWI we would have just been getting ready for graduation….

In 1954, UCWI graduates were presented in mid-March, but in the following year our presentation of graduates took place on January 21, 1955. The ceremony then shifted to mid-February and UWI Archives records show that the presentation of graduates ceremony was held in February between 1956 and 1960. See below we have the programmes to prove it.


Some time after the transition from UCWI to UWI, our presentation of graduates ceremony moved to the more familiar October and November ceremonies. Read more…

Another connected factoid is that UWI began conferring honorary degree in 1965

One of our notable honorary graduates Sir Dwight Venner closed his life chapter recently and UWI Archives joins with the UWI Community in paying tribute.

Sir Dwight Venner was conferred a honorary degree during the 2003 Presentation of Graduates ceremony. His work is also documented in the Library of the Spoken Word Collection, these include…

Sir Dwight Venner sharing his thoughts on the OECS Experience as part of a panel focused on”Governance for Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication” during a Mona Academic Conference in 2002.

Earlier in 1999 Sir Dwight Venner,  challenged the UWI in defining its role in “Development in the OECS”.

We celebrate the life and work of Sir Dwight Venner and invite you to discover more about Sir Dwight Venner and his passion for regional development from the records held at the UWI Archives.

We anticipate an exciting year with an inflow of new acquisitions, which undoubtedly will form new collections. Why not visit UWI Archives and begin to discover more about the UWI and the region.


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