Organizing our new records

UWI Archives recently accessioned over 200 boxes of records in one month. The hard task of organizing these records is now ongoing. This is primarily focused on arranging and describing these new items in order to make them searchable.

Now, you might ask shouldn’t the record be kept in its original state with its original detail? You are correct, we must preserve the record in their original state. However arranging and describing records new to our archives helps create clear and logical pathways from your research questions to useful answers that maybe contained among the records in our collection. This ensures a far better user experience because a well-organized collection of records determines how quickly and how much of the relevant information is unearthed by a researcher. It is a case of extracting key details and refining into a useful but concise summaries that help users find information quickly while also preserving context.

As part of our move to organize our new records expeditiously, UWI Archives enlisted an energetic young man, Delano Brown. This isn’t the first time Delano has joined our team and we are always happy to welcome him. When he is not working at UWI Archives, Delano works with The Mona Records Centre. His regular posting places him at the center of records retrieval. At UWI Archives, Delano also appears to be submerged in a sea records and files. He is now preoccupied with listing and tracking a specific subset of the records that were recently accessioned at UWI Archives.

Delano 2017-05-29 at 1.39.49 PM.png

He is completing studies in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship and shares that his role at UWI Archive has given him new insights and challenges. These have sparked Delano’s inner entrepreneur. He is now in the early stages of combining both his passions, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship to exploit an opportunity in management of the records in the custody of Records Centres and Archives.


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