Students Tour University Archives

The University Archives hosted some 42 undergraduates from the Department of Library and Information Studies on on the 14th and 15th November, 2011. As part of their “Information and Society” Course, students were exposed to, inter alia, the differences between Libraries and Archives, the importance of archival materials in the life of an individual and organisation,  the holdings of the University Archives, and the roles and work of Archivists.

Also this week, seven postgraduate students in the course “Artifacts, Museums & Archives” in the Heritage Studies Programme, visited the University Archives as part of the Archives module of the course. The class reviewed Archival principles of Arrangement and Description and its impact on Reference Services.  The University Archives is always willing to conduct tours of the repository and to share about the wealth of knowledge on The University of the West Indies. You are welcome to visit us.

Library School Undergraduates Visit.

Library School Undergraduates Visit.

Library School Undergraduates Visit.

Postgraduate class in session.


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